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HCI Communications
1028 9th Street
Greeley, CO 80631
(877) 346-1360

Software Solutions

Software and Consoles
Motorola Solutions has partnered with premium application developers across the industry to create a range of applications that add unique value to your MOTOTRBO radio system. From voice consoles to sophisticated resource management tools; these applications are designed to increase your efficiency, enhance your productivity and improve your safety. 
Leveraging communication network capabilities is vital as we strive to optimize resources and improve safety, security and situational awareness. Sometimes it is good to stop and consider if more can be accomplished with your existing or planned systems. We are here to help you maximize the power of your radio system and meet your challenging objectives. Wherever you want to go, we have the experience and resources to help you get there. 
Contact us to learn how we can multipurpose your radio system to increase its capabilities, enhance ROI (return on investment) and save money by eliminating redundant products and infrastructure. 

Here are some of the offered software solutions:  
Smartphone & PC Integration: talk, message, view assets and more from anywhere
Wireless & Wireline Dispatch: available with many options to improve dispatch operations
Text & Email Messaging Integration: use your radio to receive or send text and email messages
Telephone Interconnect: make phone call using your radio
Call Logging & Audio Recording: increase operational accountability, minimize 
legal liabilities and refine customer service 
Order & Job Management Services: track and monitor mobile assets and personnel
Outdoor & Indoor Location Tracking: real-time asset management
Emergency Voice Call Management: streamline emergency awareness, protocol and response time
Man Down & Lone Worker Alarm: keep workers safe when they are by themselves
Alarm Notification, Management & Integration: automatically dispatch emergency and business critical alarms to radios and specific users
Telemetry: monitor I/O ports
SCADA & Remote Control: pass through data with wireless communication to RTU’s
Gateway, Middleware & Bridging Solution: incorporate disparate systems
Custom Integration: need a unique solution, let us know